Have you created a WordPress website, or had one created for you and you think that now you can wash your hands of it and forget about its maintenance?

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Your WordPress website needs updates and security checks and edits along the way. There are updates to the backend of your website that need to performed or all the work you put in could be for not.

You may think, “Meh, if something happens to my website, I will just cross that bridge when I come to it.” But if your site goes down, or gets hacked, or even if it just seems outdated and clunky, this can affect your bottom line.

You can lose customers, and end up paying high rates to get your website back to the way it should be. That is not even mentioning the stress and time it will take you if a part of your website fails.

It is much smarter and more cost effective to prevent a problem with your WordPress website, then to fix one after it has already occurred.

I want to help you with the preventative care of your WordPress website. So for this months promotion, I am offering $10 off a month of any of my maintenance plans.*

You can check the different plans here. And contact me here to sign up for your maintenance plan. If someone has referred you to me, make sure to include their name and email address in the contact form because they will receive a $20.00 discount from their invoice for the referral!

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you prevent your website from having problems!


*This promotion ends November 16, 2017. For new customers only and only with a year contract. 

Refer a Friend and Receive $20 usd off your next months invoice!

Valid when new referred client signs contract

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