Does your website have an SSL certificate installed? You can tell if your website url has https:// instead of http://. If it has HTTP:// it does not have one installed.

You may have seen that Google has started marking ANY site without an SSL certificate as UNSAFE. If you still have HTTP:// then this months promotion is for YOU!

I am writing this is red in the hopes that you will see how important and urgent this is. It is imperative that if your site does not have https:// in the url of your website (which shows that you have a SSL certificate) that you get one NOW!

This month I am having a promotion to help you get your website up and running with the SSL Certificate installed and protect you and your customers. I am offering the low price of $150.00 for installation of an SSL certificate on your website.*

If you want your website to be deemed as Safe by Google click here and contact me.

*This price is dependent on the state and size of your website. Contact me to see if you are eligible for this promotion.

I look forward to hearing from you and making your site safe!


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