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About Jenny Designs


I am a WordPress website designer with a heart for and WordPress website design. I have designed and maintained my own travel website for the past six years and along the way have learned much about website design and development. I have always pushed myself to learn more about WordPress website development and design and have now been creating websites professionally for four years.

During my time working on my own sites, I realized how much my website meant to me. It kept me in touch with my family and friends. It helped me to make new friends from every part of the Earth. I learned about different cultures and traditions. Most of all I realized how much I wanted to help others with designing a website of their own. Having a website has truly changed my life, and it can change yours, too!

At Jenny Designs, my primary goal is to create websites inspired by your dreams and desires. I have worked with many artists, life coaches, and creatives that have made me realize that making a website for someone is not just a job, it is a relationship. I work closely with my clients throughout their project to make sure that their website is exactly what they want and need. I have built long lasting professional relationships with all of my clients and would love to get to know you also!

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If you would like to read about my adventures while traveling, please check out my travel website, And Three To Go.



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